Hvad kan jeg skrive til mit fadderbarn?

Brevskrivning er en vigtig del af Compassions fadderprogram. Det er den bedste måde at lære dit fadderbarn bedre at kende. Gennem brevene kan du og dit fadderbarn fortælle hinanden om jeres liv, familier og udveksle bedeemner. Dit brev betyder meget for dit fadderbarn. Måske du også kan møde barnet en dag! Skriv en opmuntrende hilsen til dit fadderbarn.


Dine breve gør en forskel i dit fadderbarns liv - undersøgelser viser at:

Though we often want to share as much as possible with our sponsored children, there are some topics that you should avoid in your letters, as they may be considered inappropriate in other cultures:

1. Money

Do not mention money in the letter to your sponsored child. You come from very different places. Talking about money does not bring joy to the children, but can instead lead to frustration or misunderstandings with the sponsored child or their family.

2. Food

Have you ever thought about what your sponsored child eats? Certainly not the same things, quantities or different types of food as you. If you want to write about food, feel free to describe what kind of food you eat, or the traditions surrounding it, instead of describing how much, how often, or which restaurants you eat at.

3. Your home and belongings

You are very welcome to tell about memories from your home, but without mentioning the house itself. Don't mention how big your home is, or if you have a car (or several). Write thoughtfully when you write about things you own.

4. Inappropriate images

Avoid sharing photos that may be perceived as inappropriate, and remember that the child lives in a completely different country with a different culture. For example, a family photo on the beach can be experienced as completely normal here, but in some cultures it can be perceived as shocking to receive a photo of people in bathing suits. Also, avoid sending pictures of your belongings.

Use your best judgment, and if you are not sure, you are always welcome to call and ask us.

But the very best thing you can do to get to know your godchild better is to just write to him or her!

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